Thank you – Running for Charity

Thank you,Smiley Face

Your support means a lot, and helps a lot too! Because I am a graduate student, raising money just to compete in the marathons is a financial strain. Thanks for helping to raise money for Womenspace!

The 2013 Eugene Marathon: I'm in the purple shirt and silver shorts

I am already up to $46 for my second marathon!!

My first marathon raised $74… which Womenspace received approximately a few weeks ago. I hope you will support me as I support Womenspace. Your donations are 100-percent tax deductible and go to a worthy cause.  To donate, you can click here: Running for Charity.

Thank you for reading. Wishing you a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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4 Responses to Thank you – Running for Charity

  1. Thank you! I’m just a lazy bystander. You’re the active rabble rousing runner for s good cause. That’s where the kudos are most deserved.

  2. Jess says:

    I agree with David. You’re the one doing the work! It’s a great cause.

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