Tiny Vampire in October

Our house is being antagonized by a vampire. A tiny vampire, but still a vampire. Don’t get scared… this is not a horror story (yet). It is also not a story about bed bugs or roaches. This has to do with one of our 15-month old foster kids, “Chipmunk”. He’s practically an ankle biter.

Approximately a week ago Chipmunk began biting people. We are not sure exactly what triggered it, but now when Chipmunk crawls toward me… or my wife… or our other foster kid… or our animals, we get nervous. He crawls forward at warp speed, and he smiles big and opens his mouth… and then bites.

I can honestly say I never thought a 22-pound kid could intimidate me… especially when he is still crawling. I try not to recoil because I don’t know what kind of message “fear” would send to a 15-month old… but getting bitten hurts. So far, Chipmunk has drawn blood once on a human. We are unsure about the animals.

He only bites when he is happy, so some of our friends who are moms have said it could be a way he is expressing affection. This is actually what my wife and I think is going on, because he only does it when he is happy.

What do you think, dear readers? Is Chipmunk having confusion about how to express affection… or is October his month to turn into a tiny vampire?

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12 Responses to Tiny Vampire in October

  1. Jackie says:

    Biting is pretty common when they are 15 months old.

    “Most children younger than age 3 bite someone else at least once. Most children stop biting on their own. Biting that happens past age 3 or occurs frequently at any age may need treatment. Biting is not always intentional, and it rarely causes serious injury to another person or poses any health risks.” More here: http://children.webmd.com/tc/biting-topic-overview

    • drishism says:

      He has only drawn blood once so far. I think the biggest health issue is “mental” because of the anxiety about getting bitten whenever he crawls around my legs :-)

  2. Drops of Ink says:

    It’s probably just a phase he’s going through. It will most likely go away on it’s own, but you could try telling him things like “NO! We don’t bite” in a firm, but not angry voice, to show your disproval. Basically just letting him know that it hurts should do the trick. Good luck! :)

  3. I don’t know. My kids never bit so I can’t say I think it’s within the bounds of normal for his age as I don’t know. But I sure hope it’s a short phase!

  4. http://www.zerotothree.org/child-development/challenging-behavior/chew-on-this-resources-on-biting.html

    that is really about the best resource for kids this age. not knowing your child personally, i can’t really say why he’s biting, but some kids just lack language skills to really appropriately express themselves and sometimes just get excited and bite. not all kids bite. some kids do. i think the website above can help. i have used it before with some clients. xx

  5. Jess says:

    I have a biter too. Mine has sensory processing issues. Does Chipmunk mouth other things too or is it just biting? Maybe he has molars coming in or like you think , he’s just happy :)

    • drishism says:

      He has been teething from time to time, but the teething does not seem to be the source of the biting. He has tried to bite the cats … but so far we have successfully saved the cat from him (or him from the cat). He hasn’t done it for a day or two now. Does that mean the phase has passed, or is he not happy?? hmmmm…

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