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Kentucky Tourism

Well, this is my second time visiting family in the Blue Grass State. I have friends in Ohio and Indiana as well, so this journey from the Pacific Northwest allows me to catch up with a lot of people the … Continue reading

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Foster Care Day 419: Dad Learning to Braid Hair

It has been nearly a year since my wife and I received our first foster child into our home. Well… they have all been boys. Until our current foster kid. So, two weeks ago I tried braiding her hair. And … Continue reading

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I Love the Moment my Novel comes to Life

I love it when my novel comes to life.  For me, it was last week that the novel I’m writing came to life. But what does that mean? I suppose for different people that statement can mean different things. For … Continue reading

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Cute Things Our Kid Says Wrong – Part Two

So, our three-year-old foster kid mispronounces words in the most ridiculously cute way possible (click here for Part One): Library = Larry Studying = Scuddying Bumped my head = Bunked my head Computer = Poohter Of course, some things are … Continue reading

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Orlando Jones – “Bullet Bucket Challenge”

Orlando Jones explained the Bullet Bucket Challenge to ORLANDO JONES: First of all, the “ice bucket challenge” sort of started elsewhere, and the ALS Association is a completely worthy and incredible organization. They’ve raised millions of dollars, which is … Continue reading

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