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Building The Perfect Bird House

This bird house does not make me feel guilty for anything I’ve ever built… but it does make me more conscious of things that I do in the future. I hope the impact is the same for you. Think sustainable, … Continue reading

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Who Needs Kim Kardashian?

Yes, I was running outside in my underwear. They were boxers and I’m sure the neighbors could not tell. It was an emergency. Wait, perhaps I should back up and start from the beginning. So, as I was getting ready … Continue reading

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What is my cat trying to tell me?

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People May Be Using Animals found on Craigslist for Target Practice

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information about animals being used as target practice to contact them. According to KMTR: “A group of people in Marion County may be using Craigslist to find pets that they then … Continue reading

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Baby Bunnies Born Today: Video

So my wife walked into the backyard today, and found these crawling in the grass and on the path. We didn’t even know the rabbit was pregnant!! The mother rabbit pulled fur “after” giving birth… thankfully we didn’t step on … Continue reading

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