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Update on the Abandonned Kittens found in the Garage

Remember the kittens my wife and I found in the garage a couple weeks ago? One was dead, three were alive. Well two of the three kittens survived, and they seem to be doing well. My wife bottle fed the … Continue reading

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So What’s on your Bucket List? — My 2014 Bucket List

As a person I like to live life to its fullest… like running my first marathon in 2013. As a college student my resources are limited. However I do not let my financial limitations limit my life dreams… it just means … Continue reading

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Chicken in a Snowy Tree

In the upper middle of the tree you can see one of our chickens. Today we have two chickens climbing in the trees, and the snow continues to fall. Hopefully we won’t have “frozen” chicken tomorrow morning!! If this was … Continue reading

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Country Catches Critical Chicken Crisis — Can Old Fashioned Remedy come to the Rescue?

Chickens are starting to appear in larger and larger numbers in animal shelters. Animal shelters? Really? Really really. This is a real story. The story goes on to say that people no longer want their chickens after the birds have … Continue reading

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More adventures with opossums, or, this is how marriage works

Originally posted on Ranting About Rectangles:
This morning started out like any other morning. I was half awake, in my pajamas, outside feeding the rabbits and chickens. And then my husband shouted from the garage door “There’s an opossum in the cat…

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