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Country Catches Critical Chicken Crisis — Can Old Fashioned Remedy come to the Rescue?

Chickens are starting to appear in larger and larger numbers in animal shelters. Animal shelters? Really? Really really. This is a real story. The story goes on to say that people no longer want their chickens after the birds have … Continue reading

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More adventures with opossums, or, this is how marriage works

Originally posted on Ranting About Rectangles:
This morning started out like any other morning. I was half awake, in my pajamas, outside feeding the rabbits and chickens. And then my husband shouted from the garage door “There’s an opossum in the cat…

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Building The Perfect Bird House

This bird house does not make me feel guilty for anything I’ve ever built… but it does make me more conscious of things that I do in the future. I hope the impact is the same for you. Think sustainable, … Continue reading

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What is Your Cat’s “Real” Name?

What is your cat’s real name? Do you know? No, you probably don’t know. Although this post features my cats it is not solely about cats’ names. It is about animals. All animals. My wife and I have three cats. … Continue reading

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My cats are eating WHAT?

Originally posted on Ranting About Rectangles:
My cats are crazy! I feed them well. They have a great quality food. And what do I catch them doing? They jump up on the stove and eat the bowl of peas I…

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