Will Disney’s “Frozen” score big during the Super Bowl?

Will Disney’s “Frozen” score big during the Super Bowl? I’m not sure if this is the type of Super Bowl bet that Las Vegas is interested in. But with many of the top films currently in theaters being geared toward men… and the fact that Frozen is awesome and appeals to men, women, adults and children… I would not be surprised if this film again returns to the number one spot in America this weekend.

The songs are infectious, the story is solid… and it has more depth than most Disney movies. Furthermore, this movie feels like an animated Broadway musical instead of just another movie. My wife and I have seen it twice already. If you have NOT seen the movie Frozen, and you are not interested the Super Bowl… this is an excellent Super Bowl alternative.

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Awkward Things Sports Reporters Say

If you have watched a sports broadcast over the past five years, then you have most likely heard the sideline reporter, who reports on a player’s status after an injury. My wife and I get a chuckle from this report. Not because a player is hurt! There is nothing funny about that. But it is the  shorthand language that sideline reports use to report these injuries which makes us smile.

“He has a right knee,” says the intrepid reporter. This is meant to report the player has a right knee injury. A casual listener would think it is a good thing the player has a right knee. But alas, in sports lingo, having a knee (right or left) is actually a bad thing.

Other standard injury reports include:

He has a shoulder… He has an ankle… He has an ACL … He has a concussion…

The casual listener would want all of these except the concussion. Granted, there is very little time for sideline reporting when each sports broadcast must include some or all of the following: shots of some player blowing snot out his nose, cheerleaders, people spilling beer in the stands, a kid in the stands sleeping, a player spitting, a close up of some player’s crotch, a super hot woman in the stands, drunk people dancing in the stands, commercial breaks, and references to games coming up later today or next week.

I have not watched enough women’s sports to know if sideline reporters do the same thing for those broadcasts. With all that said, is it possible to give sideline reporters .2 seconds more airtime so they can say the word “injury” when doing their sideline reporting?

Country Catches Critical Chicken Crisis — Can Old Fashioned Remedy come to the Rescue?

2 or 3 days old, backyard chickens

2 or 3 days old, backyard chickens

Chickens are starting to appear in larger and larger numbers in animal shelters. Animal shelters? Really?

Really really. This is a real story. The story goes on to say that people no longer want their chickens after the birds have stopped laying eggs, and just don’t know what to do with them! Are we really spending tax payer dollars, or donor dollars, on abandoned chickens because people do not know what to do with them?

My wife and I have backyard chickens. When these chickens stop laying eggs, they are not going to become pets. They are not going to be dumped on some poor overworked/underfunded animal shelter. And they are not going to be dumped in some neighborhood like a college kid’s puppy that is no longer wanted because summer break has arrived. This is a real problem. Yes, sadly Country Catches Critical Chicken Crisis (c5) is not a joke. This is a reflection of the super-modernized, super-sanitized culture we live in. People sit at their computer screens, distant from the “dirty” processes that make the real world run.

“The majority of them are going to be backyard birds that have been either abandoned or dumped,” he said. “Usually, no one wants roosters, and the hens we get are usually spent hens. People don’t know what to do with their old hens. I’ve picked them up at apartment complexes, parks, or I get calls from the Humane Society or animal control.”–OPB

Well, there is an old fashioned remedy that has been passed down for generations which can deal with c5. And I’m going to share it with you, here… for free!! That’s right! You won’t need to purchase a membership, buy a poorly written book, or attend a seminar in Las Vegas.

The Remedy to c5 is… (drum roll please): It’s called chicken dinner. I know some of you may not have realized that chicken dinner is made from chickens. You probably thought chickens grew on trees or were manufactured by a new Monsanto wonder plant. But in reality, chicken dinner is made from chicken.

First, you kill the chicken (yeah, this is old school). Second, you pluck the chicken. Third, you gut the chicken. Fourth, you prep the chicken for cooking (my wife normally does this, and it is an overnight process). Fifth, prep the chicken via your favorite recipe and then toss it in the oven/skillet/crock pot. Sixth, you EAT the chicken. For some of you, this old fashioned method of what to do with chickens after they have stopped laying eggs may seem a bit barbaric. Well grow up. At the very least you could sell them on craigslist to someone else that will eat them.

Think before you get chickens. If you want backyard chickens but don’t have the stomach to eat them, then you shouldn’t get backyard chickens. What’s the problem with eating chickens? I mean seriously… chicken tastes like… chicken.

Honestly, backyard chickens filling up animal shelters is absurd… wake up America.

“Stop Having Babies!!” versus “Start Saving!!”

This post is in response to an NPR story I saw today called “The Big Squeeze: Can Cities Save the Earth?

In that story it shared two amazing graphics. The first graphic is about concentrating the world’s population into one city… how big would that city be? The second graphic is based on how much land is needed for everyone on the planet to live certain lifestyles.

The World's Population, Concentrated

This first graphic shows density but does not account for all the things people would still need to survive even if they never left their city. As the NPR story explained, “People in the Enormous City still need food, furniture, clothing, water, electricity, building materials, still need a place to store their waste. They still need water systems, farms, ranches, electricity grids, dumps, lakes, even if they never leave their city.”

Ecological Footprint By Country

This second image shows how much land is needed for the current earth’s population to live, depending on what kind of lifestyle is chosen to live. It looks scary, I admit. When people see this their first response is normally stop having babies! Especially the poor countries need to stop having babies. If the poorest countries would simply stop having babies then we wouldn’t have such a problem. Many aid packages to foreign countries include a family planning/population control agenda.

But look at the graph… and realize that if everyone on the planet lived like people in the United States, we would need 4.1 earths to make that lifestyle happen. You know… the TV, cell phone, computer, laptop, second TV, cellphone(s) for the kid(s), two cars per family lifestyle. The obesity epidemic which impacts many Americans is part of that lifestyle. The lifestyle where people consume fresh water to grow grass for their lawns in the desert. The lifestyle where millionaires own homes in Aspen Colorado that they only use for a few weekends out of the year. What am I getting at? My wife owns an iPhone. Yes, I know. Many people own an iPhone. My wife owns the iPhone 1. Some of the programs are starting to make her phone dated, but there is currently on the market an iPhone 5. So, the counter-argument to population control (stop having babies) is stop overconsumption (start saving).

The stop having babies argument is a good one because it focuses attention on poor countries who do not have the resources to support children. The more education a woman has, the fewer children she tends to have… so if population control is a real concern, then invest in schools. The start saving argument is generally frowned upon because it makes people feel guilty for being overweight, owning two cars, or having just purchased an iPhone 5.

What are your thoughts? Is the planet headed toward a population bomb or an overconsumption meltdown?