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Kittens Found in Cardboard Box

These kittens were somewhere between 2 to 5 days old when we found them in the garage. They were abandoned by their mother, in an empty cardboard box, in the middle of a pile of cardboard boxes in our garage. … Continue reading

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Why did we stay in this terrible hotel?

This past weekend my wife and I stayed in one of the worst hotel rooms. It is actually ranked third on my list of worst hotel rooms ever. For a few reasons it was not number one on my list … Continue reading

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What is “Sausage Sausage”??

Awesome! Today’s special is for “Sausage Sausage.” My wife and I braved the snow storm to visit the grocery store today. But … what exactly is Sausage Sausage?  

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I Haven’t Had My Coffee Yet… Don’t Make Me Destroy You

This is how I feel in the mornings when the kids wake me up two hours before my alarm goes off!

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Cooking with The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book: “Bird’s Nest Pudding” and “Coffee Icing”

There is a movie called “I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!” … the title of which was inspired by Alice B. Toklas’ most famous recipe: how to make haschich fudge (cannabis brownies). However the adoption of cannabis brownies by the … Continue reading

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