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Crash Course On Socializing At A Scientific Conference Dinner

Originally posted on The Thesis Whisperer:
This post is by Julio Peironcely, founder and editor of the Next Scientist blog. Julio is a PhD student in Metabolomics and Metabolite Identification at Leiden University, The Netherlands and has been blogging and…

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Warning: Health Risk for College Professors

So, this week a couple of my professors were discussing chronic back pain. They said this was a common ailment faced by academics because of the constant sitting/writing/reading. One of them now has a desk that allows him to stand … Continue reading

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Obama Won – Now What about Education?

I did not cheer or dance when Barack Obama was announced as the winner last night. I was not overly thrilled with Mitt Romney or Obama. Colleges still face large tuition fees and students graduating with larger and larger student … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Ideas:
Each school day, millions of students move in unison from classroom to classroom where they listen to 50- to 90-minute lectures. Despite there being anywhere from 20 to 300 humans in the room, there is little…

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Originally posted on In America:
Editor’s note: Donna Beegle is president and founder of Communication Across Barriers, a consulting firm that works to increase communication across poverty, race, gender and generational barriers, in part with “Poverty 101” workshops. She has…

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