No Growth Hormones, No Pink Slime

2 or 3 days old

We got these chicks because we wanted to raise them and at least know everything that they had been fed. The red are Rhode Islands Reds, and the yellow are Cornish Crosses. The Cornish grow ridiculously fast (Franken-Chickens!!)

We are considering separating the Rhode Island Reds from the Cornish Crosses for feeding purposes. But at least this way we don’t need to worry about Pink Slime, growth hormones or other issues.

2 Weeks Old

2 thoughts on “No Growth Hormones, No Pink Slime

  1. Good luck with your chickens! We started with chicks a couple of years ago and have found them to be a gateway animal 🙂 ducks and a goat soon followed. It’s a great feeling to know that your eggs come from chickens that are happy, healthy, and well-cared-for.

    1. We have rabbits too, but these rabbits don’t breed like rabbits… So, we may end up sticking with chickens for a couple years. We’d love cows and goats

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