Destruction of the Confederate Flag

This was an interesting twist in the Matthew Booster hate crime trial. As part of his punishment, Booster will forfeit the confederate flag that flew above his truck on the day he harassed a dark skinned boy. The flag will be turned over to police, and then the police will destroy it.

According to the Register Guard, Booster said in court that the flag was about “Southern Pride” and not about racism.

This is one of the most unique punishments for a crime I have heard of in a long time. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Destruction of the Confederate Flag

  1. You cant destroy hate that was never there to begin with! My best friend is African American and I take great offense to being accused of a hate crime! There is no truth in what the media or the police reported. I was targeted because of my age not because I actually did anything. They failed to report that I am the reason the kid was never found by the 3 teens involved!!!

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