Day 2 in the Philippines, Manila

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So my wife and I arrived to the Philippines late last night. My computer clock, still set on US time, says it is 11:07 p.m. Wednesday on the west coast. However, we arrived in the Philippines at 9 p.m. Wednesday. So, my wife and I are a little loopy but seem to be adjusting to the time differences just fine.

We are keeping an eye on the issue between China and the Philippines regarding fishing rights territory, but we are not concerned about war breaking out while we are here.

Our luggage is still in transit… which is a little annoying but not surprising. We were delayed over 2 hours because of weather in San Francisco, which threw off our transitioning to other flights. For the second leg of our flight marathon we had to run and arrived at the gate when they were closing it, but they still let us on. A little too close. Anyway, we expect/hope our luggage will arrive tonight or tomorrow morning.

My first observation on this research trip was the jeepney. Jeepneys are the most popular form of public transportation in the Philippines. I think they look really cool, but my wife informed me they are not “safe” for tourists because of an increased mugging potential that she had read about. Bummer. Because I think they look really cool. I would describe the jeepney as a combination of Jeep Wrangler and short school bus. I love how each one appears to be uniquely customized.

I may ride one anyway at some point, but just make sure that I am not carrying much money when I do. Or perhaps do it in a distinctly safe area of Manila. Have you ever traveled in the Philippines and taken a ride on a jeepney? What was it like?

2 thoughts on “Day 2 in the Philippines, Manila

  1. No worries, sweetie, our host says we can ride jeepneys here in Bacolod. I guess it’s like riding the subway in DC vs NYC – safer in one place than another. You should get your chance before long!

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