Day 4 in the Philippines and Bacolod City

My wife and I have been in the Philippines 4 days thus far. Her luggage arrived at 2 a.m. yesterday… and my luggage we picked up at the airport around 11 a.m. So, we went 3 days without our luggage… in addition to the almost 28 hours of flight time and layover time. I never realized how nice a change of clothing could feel!

We are here during the rainy season. And so it has rained a lot. Our flight into Bacolod City actually had to circle around because of the weather. In speaking to people in Manila, we would tell them we were going to Bacolod City, and they did not seem to understand us. But when my wife would pronounce it slower, the locals recognized Bacolod. And everyone we have met seems to call it Bacolod… not Bacolod City. We were also mispronouncing Bacolod, so I am sure that did not help.

Americans. Oh well.

My computer tells me it is 8:19 p.m. Friday in America, whereas it is 11:19 a.m. Saturday here. The internet is such a strange device. I will briefly mention the differences between traveling overseas today as it was 200 hundred years ago… only briefly. The world IS much smaller.

But in another sense… it makes traveling feel less exotic. I don’t need to wait for a letter in the mail to travel via plane, train and boat… now I can turn on my computer. Or send a text message on my phone. There are many wonderful experiences waiting for me in the Philippines… but because of the superconnectivity of the internet, the adventure feels slightly less adventurous. Because of the internet, the Indiana Jones adventure aspect is lost forever…

The news coming out of Colorado this year has shown a lot of loss. My prayers go out to all who have been impacted. First the historic fire in Waldo Canyon, now the theater shooting… along with other wildfires in Colorado.

I logged onto facebook and instantly learned about the theater shooting in Colorado during the Batman movie. Many of my friends live in Colorado, but none were at the theater. I am hundreds of miles away from Colorado… but I can get news from Colorado here, in the Philippines, instantly.

I found out instantly about the movie theater tragedy, and also found out if anyone I knew was injured or killed via facebook. Thankfully no one I knew was killed or injured. In fact, it appears no one I knew in the Denver area was even at the theater. It could have taken days or weeks to get that information years ago. In a sense… the internet is a blessing.

The comfort of instantly knowing my friends are okay makes losing the aspect of adventure fine. Does that make sense?

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