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The Digital Realist

I read an interesting post in the Atlantic today about Chinese artist/dissident Ai Weiwei and his love for Twitter. I respect Weiwei for his courageous stand against the repressive Chinese government, but I hesitated when I read the following statement:

Twitter is my city, my favorite city. I can talk to anybody I want to. And anybody who wants to talk to me will get my response. They know me better than their relatives or my relatives.

I understand Twitter’s immense value to Weiwei, especially since the Chinese gov’t placed restrictions on his freedoms last year. The ability to communicate with like-minded people around the world, no longer limited by geographic proximity, is one of the huge benefits of social media. Through Twitter I connect with teachers and thinkers around the world who are equally passionate about the things that I’m passionate about. I’ve discovered resources that I’d likely never known…

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