Fair Trade Athletic Footwear

I wanted to avoid buying shoes from sweatshop conditions… but finding a socially responsible running shoe is really, really difficult.

So as I was training for my first marathon I hoped to find a good pair of Fair Trade running shoes. I Googled to find some options. I do not necessarily endorse these, but they are provided to help with your personal search in ecoconscious friendly athletic shoes and/or Fair Trade Athletic Footwear.

What are your thoughts about Fair Trade running shoes? What are your experiences with them if you have purchased them? Thanks for your help!

Further resources about Fair Trade Programs can be found below:

9 thoughts on “Fair Trade Athletic Footwear

    1. I ended up going with Brooks Running Shoes for now. I preferred to use a pair of shoes that I could try on at the store because the fair trade options I found needed to be shipped through the mail. If I ever travel to boston, I would get the Hersey shoes though.

      P.S. – You should check out my Liebster Award Post if you haven’t already, because you are one of the 7 blogs I nominated : )

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