Marathon Training Day 1: Why did I feel sick when I stopped running?

This morning after hitting the snooze button on my alarm more times than I intended, I checked the temperature. 43 degrees. Seriously? 43 degrees on my first morning of marathon training. I laid in bed for a few minutes wondering if I should wait until it was warmer out… or perhaps start training Tuesday instead of today.

But then I stood up. Well… my body stood up, because my brain was still clearly in protest. Why am I doing this?

I have not run much at all in the past five years. Before that, I ran 5 to 10 miles a couple times each week in Colorado. But then I started hiking mountains and got out of the running habit. However… I have trained for two marathons in the past, and always gotten hurt so I never ran in them. Now I have a reignited desire to run in a marathon… and my target is the 2013 Seattle Marathon. Running in a marathon is on my bucket list.

Mark it down. Day 1 of training, September 17th, 2012. I am 5-9, weigh 168 pounds… I have four pack abs. I have not had six-pack abs since I was 25, and that was… YIKES that was over a decade ago. Okay, anyway…

So… this morning I had a bowl of cereal… drank water… and then spent ten minutes looking for a pair of running shorts in the dark because I did not want to wake up my wife. (Note: Next time I will lay out my running gear the night before).

I found running shorts only after I had made so much noise that my wife woke up and told me where the shorts were. Intentions to not wake my wife up = fantastic. Success in not waking my wife up = fail.

So then I drank some more water, filled up my water bottle, and headed out to the local park that has a running trail. The trail is covered in mulch so it gives a very soft running service. Also, the park has marked areas so I can know how far run. Today I was supposed to run 1.36 miles, but instead I ran 1.4-ish miles because I made a wrong turn on the trails.

My body felt decent and I was happy with my running pace. I could have run further, but I did not want to hurt myself on the first day of marathon training. It’s been so long since I was running on a weekly basis that I have forgotten a lot of stuff. So today a mile or so was all I wanted to do to make sure my body would not fall apart.

I did not time myself. My goal today was to run and not die. Objective complete. In fact, I only stopped once and that was to look at a map for a few seconds when I got lost.

However, I should have had a secondary objective… not get sick. When I stopped running my stomach felt very uncomfortable. I walked for maybe half a mile… and my stomach settled down. I did not have any stomach issues while I was running. I did not have any issues when I stopped to look at a map for a few seconds. The stomach issue only occurred when I finished my run.

I will eat something other than cereal before the next time I run. Probably pancakes. But why did I feel fine until I stopped running?

3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 1: Why did I feel sick when I stopped running?

  1. That happened to me this Saturday too when I did a morning run. It was my first morning run (I always do early evening, when it’s cooled down a bit but not cold by any means). I attributed it to not enough food before hand. But I dunno, it was weird.

    1. I have run before… much longer distances… and this is the first time I have had this experience. It was weird. It is possible I did not eat enough food. Thanks for reading!

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