What does your office chair say about you?

I know I am on occasion not all there. My wife can attest to that. But something that gets more attention than I expected is my office chair. I suppose it is more than just a place to sit. All I considered really was something I wanted to sit on that would be comfortable to me. But apparently, an office chair is more than that.

If everyone has the exact same office chair style, it means the company has total control over the expression of personality in an office. I think that is mainly because the company pays to supply office chairs. Well, the company (school) paid for my office chair. But I politely told them I did not need it in my office and that I would provide my own. There was no fuss, no crisis.

If everyone has the exact same office chair, in the exact same office design, it assumes that everyone works exactly the same. This is of course not true. Creative people (artists, writers, painters) may not work in an environment remotely similar to a bean counter (tax accountant). But even in a bean counter office, people are different. Some will be wider, taller, shorter, older… many differences.

Check out a few of these examples of cool office chairs:

What does your office chair say about you? www.ishism.com
Haag Capisco, cool office chair, ishism.com
cool office chair, ishism.com

And then there is my office chair. Mine is a little short, but I normally don’t type at my desk. If I do, I have a drawer that slides out and I sit my computer on it. A lot of people seem to think my chair is cool. I like my chair… it has not eliminated my four pack abs yet, but one can always hope.

The Best and Coolest Office Chair for school or work, www.ishism.com
My office chair that I grade, read and write on.

The most important part about my chair is that it reflects me. Active, different, memorable. When people walk past my office door, they do a double take the first (and second) time they see me sitting on it.

So what about you? Does your office chair reflect you?

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