Marathon Training Issue #2: How Do I Find Time to Eat?

Marathon Training has entered week four. There are issues I planned for when I convinced myself to run my first marathon. I need time to train, I will need more food, at some point I will need a new set of running shoes, etc.

And then there are the unexpected issues that sneak up on me. The first issue I encountered is my clothing size is changing. But the new issue is another that I did not plan for despite my best efforts.

I planned with my wife that our food budget would need to increase because I would be eating more often. No problem. However, I did not plan for the time impact of eating.

I eat more often, and I eat more. I am not made out of time (considering I am a full-time graduate student and married). Cooking, cleaning up the dishes, and then the time just to eat the food. Yes, I do eat while I study… when I can. But I cannot study while I cook. And I cannot always study while I eat. And I cannot study while I clean up. And the fact that I am eating more often and more food in general means less time for other things.

How do I find time to eat? Yes, another marathon training issue I did not anticipate. At least I have not injured myself yet… which is what has derailed my marathon training efforts in the past.

6 thoughts on “Marathon Training Issue #2: How Do I Find Time to Eat?

  1. by what method do you train? how did you injure yourself on the first go round? and how much are you eating?! 🙂 sorry so many questions. i have run a number of questions. i also a graduate student, studying behavioral analysis. it’s difficult to juggle family-ness, the rigors of training, and school work, but it gets done, and i think my family likes me more because i DO run. if i didn’t, i think my head would spin around several times. i eat a lot of portable foods. lots of things i make in the dehydrator that make their way into my bag on my way to class, the gym, to drop my little one off to nursery… wherever i’m off to. i feel like i’m constantly feeding my face!

    1. I run 3 times a week and work out at the gym twice a week for upper body strength. I eat 4 to 5 times a day, although I am not tracking caloric intake yet. I injured my right knee twice when training for previous marathons. Once i think was because of a bad step while running… another time I let my shoes get too old before replacing them (I think).

  2. i don’t generally track my caloric intake either. i eat if i’m hungry, i don’t if i’m not. the only time i really pay attention to calories is when i’m running. i try to take in at least 100 calories per hour then. have you had your gait assessed? it can be helpful if you feel that it led to injury before. another way to tell if your gait is off is to look at the wear pattern at the bottom of your shoe. what distance do you generally run?

    1. Well, when I was hurt the last time… I was running approximately 16 miles once a week… and four or 6 miles on the other two days of the week. Currently I am running 1.5 to 2 miles twice a week, and 4 miles once a week.

      I have never had my gait assessed.

      1. do you follow some kind of plan, or do you just wing it? 🙂 i don’t ask because i believe there is a particular way to do it. i ask because i love to run. i don’t believe in a method, per se. i have run different marathons training in different marathons; some methods seemed to work, some seemed like a bunch of fluff. people have to do what works for them and gets them injured the least, still loving running at race time, you know?

        you can look at the bottom of your shoe to see where you typically stride. it’s an easy way to get a vague idea of how your foot falls. perfect wear patterns are right in the middle of the ball of the foot and the heel. it shows a perfect toe off and landing. if you have some minor gait issues though, you might see a different wear pattern and call for a different kind of shoe. it can make all the difference, especially in long runs.

    2. I have a marathon training plan… but I won’t start that until January. Currently I am just trying to get back into running shape. I checked the wear patterns on my shoes, and I have a high arch wear pattern.

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