Marathon Training Issue #3: I Need to Find the Right Running Shoes

So, blogging about my marathon training has actually helped me.

Earlier today I ran four miles in a drizzle/rain. I finished this run without injury I think. But my past marathon training attempts have ended in various injuries. Shin splints, sore right knee, etc. Earlier, one of my readers asked if I had ever had my gait assessed… and what the tread wear was on my shoe.

No, I have never had my gait assessed. And Tread wear? So, I googled, and found this helpful site at Duke for finding the right running shoe. In the past I bought shoes that fit, not really thinking about anything else. Well, after using the Duke site to assess the tread on my running shoes (and doing the wet test), I have high arches.

That means I need to find the right type of running shoes for my feet. This could explain why I have gotten hurt in the past. Is it possible to modify my current running shoes with an insole for added support? Or do I need to buy new running shoes now?

If you are reading my blog and have other helpful tips to keep me from injury, or to become a better runner, please share them. Thanks for reading… and your advice!

6 thoughts on “Marathon Training Issue #3: I Need to Find the Right Running Shoes

  1. it is possible to modify them, but the only way i have ever done that is to actually have orthotics custom made for my step and foot by a sports med doctor. i would say go for new shoes, and start again. it’s worth not being injured. if it is possible, go to a store that specifically fits runners for running shoes. if you can get the shoes right, it will be like you have been reintroduced to running. the goal of running a marathon will be totally doable. shoes are so individual. they have to be comfortable, but they have to fit your step. your arch, yes, but also the way you turn your foot. do you turn in, or out. do you have a wear pattern on the inside of your shoe, or the outside — or are you wearing a good even pattern in the middle?

    1. Well, the wear pattern on my shoe matched the high arches pattern from duke health… so it was definitely on the outside. There is a running shoe company in town, so I will go there this week to have my gait assessed because they offer that service for free : )

      1. most of them do! that is totally where i would go. a lot of them have a treadmill and will assess your gait as well. knowing a little bit about your gait is a good thing walking in, though, and you do now, so that’s a good bit of information to have. i’d ask about their return policy. some running companies are cool about it. the one i buy shoes from here will give me 10 treadmill miles in my new shoes. i can put 10 miles on the mill and if i hate them, i can bring them back. it’s good to know, so that i can really test them, knowing i haven’t fully committed to $100 worth of shoes that will cripple me. i’m a grad student. my husband is a public school teacher working on a second masters. we have a son getting ready to go to college, one in high school, and one who’s 3 (don’t ask about the timing. it’s either crazy or unfortunate. we haven’t decided yet). we are both runners who put in about 40 miles a week. we go through shoes a lot. just make sure what their policy is. some are cool, other are… less so. 🙂 good luck!! and happy, healthy running!! i love to see someone else tackle 26.2!

      2. no problem! i totally hope it helps you get to your goal. running a marathon is an awesome experience. truly.

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