Marathon Training Day 46: I’ve been Sick

Training has been progressing fairly well. I can run 4 miles without stopping to walk. In addition, my diet has been going well… and I have not had an injury. However, I have been sick this week.

Being sick is very frustrating. I was supposed to run Thursday, but did not because of my cold. My schedule has me resting Friday, and running again Saturday. However, I am a little concerned about missing Saturday as well. If I am sick, then I am sick. There isn’t much I can do about that. But it is frustrating to have a minor setback.

I am sure the stress of grad school has something to do with my illness (and the changing season).

Based on how I feel today, I will not run tomorrow. Yes, I am training for the 2013 Seattle Marathon… which is next November. But marathon training takes a mental focus… and I am nervous about losing the focus that I have had because of taking a week off of running.

What are your thoughts/advice?

1.) Finish the marathon

2.) Don’t have a grayhaired marathoner ruin my finish line photo

3.) Finish the marathon in under 4 hours, 30 minutes (basically an 8 minute mile)

4.) Don’t get hurt

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 46: I’ve been Sick

  1. hey there! i have trained for a lot marathons, and illness happens. don’t beat yourself up. the best thing you can do is just get better. sometimes when i feel off, and not totally, totally in the toilet sick — i will walk instead of run. it doesn’t require the same amount of focus, and i feel like i’ve done something, as opposed to nothing. another thing to consider, and it’s been the rule of thumb for most junkie runners is — if your symptoms are above the neck — run on. if they are below the neck – cool it, until you feel better. take that for what it’s worth.

    i think your marathon goals are great. 🙂 i’ve had some grey haired marathoners give me a run for my money in the past. i run about a 4 hour marathon, and that’s about a 9:05 minute mile… so you minute want to recalculate your split time. i think you’re probably looking at more of a 10-10:20 minute mile at 4:30 marathon. that might relieve some of your stress right there if you are trying to clock 8 minute miles for 26 in a row. 🙂

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