Marathon Training Day 87: Marathon Machine

Marathon Training continues to go well. It is day 87. Yes, I am actually staying with the training!! I have never been able to run in a marathon before, and it is on my bucket list.

I have not updated my blog much in November/December because of the hectic nature of graduate school. However, finals are over. Grades are all turned in. And I have a nice break before classes start again!

My goals have not changed for the Seattle Marathon in 2013. I want to run the whole thing without stopping to walk. In addition, I have not injured myself in the training process.I am trying to pace myself to build up to the half marathon I am running in the Spring… and to do this building up process without hurting myself.

I have been doing a combination of biking and running to increase my cardio. I have also been doing some weightlifting but not a lot. Currently I exercise three times a week for 90 minutes. I am a marathon training machine!!

I am surprised by how much weight I have gained. It appears to mostly be muscle. I have gone from 162 pounds to 175 pounds. My shorts are tight and need to be replaced, and some of my pants no longer fit. I am surprised by the weight gain, but not disappointed. Is this normal to gain so much weight?? Maybe when I start running longer distances I will lose some of it. My only concern with it is the pressure that added weight will put on my knees while running long distances. What are your thoughts?

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