Do you have any silly holiday regrets?

"Buddy the Elf"

This Christmas/Winter break ended without me watching Elf all the way through. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I saw the first half of it one night but not the entire movie. I did see A Christmas Story and a few other old and new holiday classics. But the Christmas break passed by without me seeing the movie Elf in its entirety.

Although I do regret that there are good things I accomplished. I did send out Christmas cards, received Christmas cards, and I was able to give me wife an amazing Christmas present by taking her to the Irish Rovers. All in all, the Christmas season and start of the New Year were productive and enjoyable. But I missed one of my favorite Christmas movies. Yes, I can rent the movie Elf and watch it now… but it feels strange to watch it after Christmas has already passed by.

Is there anything silly you regret not doing over the Holidays like having a snowball fight, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, or building a snowman? Did the Holidays pass without hearing your favorite Christmas song?

Wherever you are, I hope the Holiday season left you with joy … not silly (or deep) regrets! Blessings and have a wonderful 2013.

2 thoughts on “Do you have any silly holiday regrets?

    1. Elf is not my favorite Christmas movie… but it is one that makes me laugh. The Grinch who Stole Christmas is another one that I really enjoy watching around Christmas time… but it feels strange to watch it in January.

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