What are the Best Ways to Handle Criticism?

Sheldong Fainting, how to respond to an avalanche of constructive criticism
Sheldon Fainting, “The Big Bang Theory”

Is it every writers nightmare to receive comments and multiple revision suggestions on every page of a submission?Maybe it is just me but I cringe whenever I see marks in pen on something returned to me for revisions. This is the stage my masters paper is currently in… the rewriting stage. Thankfully my advisor is much nicer than some literary agents and editors have been in the past.

One literary agent actually wrote NO in big red letters on a manuscript I turned in and mailed it back to me. Maybe that is standard practice, but even though I no longer remember the agency, I do remember the big red NO written on my book manuscript. And that was over a decade ago.

Now I am working on my masters thesis. Even though the comments are constructive it still hurts my spirit to see so many things that can be improved, changed, or deleted. Thankfully the masters paper is not how I determine my sense of self-worth. My amazing wife and my great friends all help with that.

How do you handle criticism? Are there best practices in processing constructive comments? Most importantly, is it best to read the avalanche of “helpful” comments with a glass of wine or something else?

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