Who Needs Kim Kardashian?

Yes, I was running outside in my underwear. They were boxers and I’m sure the neighbors could not tell. It was an emergency. Wait, perhaps I should back up and start from the beginning.

So, as I was getting ready for bed when I heard an odd sound from the backyard. What is that? It was just before midnight January 8th. I paused for a moment. And then the sound came again. An animal shrieked!

That’s when I said to my wife, “There’s something wrong in the backyard! The animals are screaming.”

I quickly searched for my shoes. By the time I was pulling on my shoes, my wife already had her shoes on, had a flashlight, and was headed out the backdoor. I hopped behind her, pulling on my other shoe, and then I was quickly out the backdoor behind her. My wife scanned the back yard… and we discovered all the chickens were no longer inside their chicken coop.

We both knew what had happened. I suspected the chickens heard something and left the safety of their chicken coop to investigate the noise outside. But for some reason I could not rationalize that in my head. Because, after all, chickens are “chicken.” Why didn’t they just stay inside the safety of their coop?

My wife also knew what had happened. But what she knew was right, and what I knew was wrong. My wife shined a light inside the small open door of the chicken coop and said, “Possum.”

A possum in the chicken run?

“Is it big?” I asked.

“Medium size,” she answered.

She then asked for the pitch fork… which I handed to her. I asked my wife if she wanted help but she said no. The possum was not killed. It hissed whenever the edge of the pitch fork came near. Eventually my wife chased it out of the coop, and then the possum scurried up the side of the fence.

Wow. So not only was my wife the first one out to investigate the animal sounds… she also handled the possum without much difficulty. And now the chickens are safely secured in their chicken coop (we hope). My wife is awesome, and I am so proud of her for how quickly and bravely she handled the situation. I would not trade her for anyone.

I think the only thing that would have made the midnight drama better is if she had actually turned the possum into dinner… but that is probably something for an episode of Duck Dynasty (a TV show we have fun watching).

What scared the chickens? http://www.ishism.com

My wife opening the door of the coop, http://www.ishism.com Possum in the chicken coop! Possum in the chicken coop!  This Possum was fast too! The chickens can safely return home after my wife handled the problem The chickens can safely return home after my wife handled the problem

7 thoughts on “Who Needs Kim Kardashian?

  1. Hmmm – possum for dinner? Reminds me of the “Gopher, Everett?” scene in “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”

    Thanks for visiting thefirstgates and liking a post.

    1. One of the chickens seemed to have something wrong with its foot. We were unsure if the possum did it or if the chicken had done something while running from the coop. However, in the morning when we looked at it again, the chicken seemed fine. This possum seemed very aggressive, so I think it could have attacked a chicken.

    2. Yes, opossums will attack chickens. They prefer easier ways of getting food though, and since they’re omnivores will happily eat the chickens’ eggs and the chickens’ food before thinking about the chickens themselves. But if other food isn’t available, and there is this nice delicious chicken dinner asleep on the roost, an opossum is perfectly capable of walking up and taking a bite out of it.

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