Marathon Training Day 118: Running in Below Freezing Weather

My alarm went off at 8:25 a.m., and as I reached my hand out from under the warm blanket to hit the snooze, the chill in the bedroom air was noticeable. I grabbed my smartphone to check today’s temperature. It was not even 25 degrees. Hmm… will I still run today?

I hit the snooze a few more times and eventually turned off the alarm. But I was still in bed. Am I going to run today? As I was pondering that important question, my wife asked: “Are you still running today?” She was tired, and I’m sure my repeated hitting of the snooze was not pleasant. My response was that I was still debating whether I would run today or not.

The temperature outside had warmed up to 29 degrees. For reasons I do not totally understand I got up, ate breakfast, and checked the temperature again. Still 29 degrees. I drank a large glass of water, got dressed, and drove to the running trail. There was frost and patches of ice on the ground. Brrr…

I ran 4.07 miles, stopped for water, ran another half mile, stopped to check a trail map, then ran another 3.5 miles. My total mileage was 8.14 miles. The sun was out and it had warmed up to 32 degrees when I finished.Today was my first time running in below freezing weather since I started training for this marathon. It was actually not difficult running in the cold. The hardest part was getting out of bed to go run in the cold.

When I returned home my wife asked me if it was raining outside. Both my shoulders and the front of my chest were so wet that the sweat seeped through my jacket. So that appears to be an issue for my running gear if I want to continue running in super cold temperatures.

But the sweaty jacket was the only issue. I ran 8 miles without collapsing or walking. My speed was slow and steady. Not only was today the first day running in below freezing weather, it was also the first time while training for this marathon that I ran 8 miles (8.14 miles). So I feel very good about my progress toward the Eugene half marathon I am running in April, and also good about progress toward the Seattle Marathon on December 1st.

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