It’s Called Life: Ready, Set, Go

It’s called life. The obstacles can often times seem impossible.

I was once a scared little kid when I went to school. I didn’t know if anyone liked me. I often felt alone.

I was once fast. At least I could run and not wake up the next morning with sore muscles. I could run three miles and not really need to mentally push myself. Now I have the mental dedication and focus, but my body moves slower when I run.

In high school, I once feared algebra. It was an impossible class that went on forever, and I knew I would never pass the class. In college, I once feared statistics. It seemed like an impossible task that went on forever… and by that point, Algebra seemed elementary.

In graduate school, I am afraid of writing my masters paper. It seems like an impossible task that goes on forever.

I am now an adult. I am still uncomfortable in some social situations. I still wonder if I fit in at graduate school. What are people thinking when I say something in class?

I want to go to Africa. Been there, done that. (Uganda, 2009)

I want to go to China. Been there, done that. (Beijing and Chengdu, 2010).

I’ve been to the Philippines and it was never on my bucket list. (Manila and Bacolod, 2011).

I want to live in Colorado. I want to hike in the mountains, wake up with snow on the ground, and go camping with friends. Been there, done that. (Colorado Springs, 2007-2011).

I want to visit Italy. Still waiting, hoping, expecting.

I want to be a parent. Still waiting, hoping, expecting.

I want to earn my PhD.

What else can I do with this life of mine?

*Time’s UP!*

Daily Post Freewrite Prompt: Ten Minute Challenge

4 thoughts on “It’s Called Life: Ready, Set, Go

  1. Time’s Up! Bwahahahaha 😆 Funny, er? challenging challenge. 😀

    I now seem to think – is it as our “number” lowers, we become more go-getter? hmmm ….

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