Marathon Training Issue #6: Running For Charity?

Greetings faithful readers! As you know, I am taking foster care classes with my wife. In addition, I will be running in my first FULL marathon this December. On top of all that I am in the middle of writing my masters paper. Earning a masters degree has bogged down a lot of my “change the world” hopes and dreams. I’m stuck reading and reading and reading without doing much of anything to actually make a difference. Foster care will, of course, make a big difference to people when my wife and I get to that point.

Well, in one of my foster care classes I learned that a women’s domestic violence group (womenspace) was struggling financially. (Video below)

I am running a marathon to burn off the stress of grad school and also to meet one of my “bucket list” items. Training for a marathon and grad school don’t leave much time to make a difference for others.

This made me think that I could run the Seattle Marathon and/or the Eugene Half Marathon for a charity. Great idea right!? I unsuccessfully googled how to set up this “run for charity” gig. I found a website called: But it seems to be a UK website and I am a U.S. citizen, so I was looking for a way to set this up in the United States.

Anyway… does anyone have experience running for charity? If so did you use a service to set-up the fundraising? How did you do it? I am hoping for something free.

I don’t want to enter a charity marathon. I want to run in a marathon for a specific charity. Furthermore I want to set it up so that all the money goes to the charity. In addition, because this is America… I want to avoid taxes and lawsuits!

So… how do I do this? Your thoughts and expertise are greatly needed. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Marathon Training Issue #6: Running For Charity?

  1. the only experience i have in this is being a sponsored runner for a marathon. a lot of marathons are willing to pay for your entry if you run for charities that they have specified as needing assistance in their area. for instance, when i wanted to run the chicago marathon, i found a charity from a list that the marathon had supplied, spoke with the charity directly, was given a dollar amount by the charity that i needed to raise, and then if i didn’t raise it, i was on the hook for the amount outstanding. it wasn’t a crazy amount, i think $500, but i had to raise it before the day of the race. the charity usually gives you a website to help you bring in the funds, and keep track of what you have earned. they also allow you to start from their corral on race day with the rest of their charity team.

    …if you are talking about just running for a personal charity, like the shelter you mention above, you can totally do it as a personal gesture. setting up a charity page through facebook, or or some other fundraising page similar to crowdrise – you can make a goal and then donate the money after the race. i have had friends do that with no real affiliation to the charity, beside the fact that they just wanted to give money and they love to run. 🙂 some ask for a mile sponsorship, and some ask for a basic donation — or ask people just do what they feel! either way… kudos to you!! great idea.

    1. I will look into crowdrise some more. I looked at them after I read your reply, and it said they charge a small processing fee for each donation they accept. That might be standard for a fundraising site, but I will investigate it. thanks for the suggestion!

      1. from my experience, it’s pretty standard. if you DO find one that doesn’t charge, please post about it! i would totally support them, and know a lot of other runners who would.

  2. Yikes, full marathon, i know lots of preparation, practice and sacrifice that goes with that. Then, you’re in your masteral. Geez Luiz, calm down. 😉

  3. Check out (I Race 4 Cause), a social and fundraising platform for endurance athletes. You can tell your story, accept tax-deductible sponsorships, etc., and we do not skim donations or charge a fee to the non-profits. Feel free to reach out with any questions, and thanks for allowing the intrusion.

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