Marathon Training Issue #7: Eating While Running 26.2 Miles

Seattle Marathon

What do you normally eat while running 26.2 miles? WHAT!? — You’ve never tried to run and eat at the same time? Well, that is my next issue as I train for the Seattle marathon. My body is a machine, and as such it needs fuel to sustain it for the duration of this run. I find that around 6 miles my fuel reserves have burned up. For the past two Wednesdays I have run 8.14 miles. So it is time to start eating while running to take my marathon training to the next level.

My main concern is getting sick. Have I ever thrown up before, during, or after a run? Nope. Not once. But for me to reach the finish line I will need to eat something… and I have never eaten anything while running cross country/5k races.

Have any of you tried LÄRABAR? This seem to meet a lot of the necessary requirements “I have” for food… Fair Trade, no-GMO, etc.


I need to eat something when I do longer runs… especially when I do the marathon length training runs. What are your thoughts?

In other marathon training news:

I am officially registered for the Seattle Marathon. Of the possible additional race options I purchased the post-marathon massage. It sounds awesome…

In addition, I have contacted a local charity. I am waiting for them to reply back to make sure they are okay with me fund raising for them during my marathons. If they say no for some reason, then I will try someone else! I am looking into using either or IR4C.COM.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Marathon Training Issue #7: Eating While Running 26.2 Miles

  1. i can’t do them whilst running. the sugar in the dates is awesome for fueling marathon or endurance running without creating that sugar crash feeling. for me, it’s the high fat content that makes me feel like i wanna barf while i’m running. i’m still figuring that component out while i’m running. i just wrote a post about my graveyard of running nutritional items. i’m pretty minimal when i’m running. the less i put in, the better i feel, but the fact remains… you HAVE to put something in. it’s just… what? whatever you land on, try it while you train first.

    1. I planned to try a granola bar when I ran 12 miles on Sunday, but I forgot to eat it while I ran. Best laid plans don’t matter if I forget the plan. However, I will get it figured out before the marathon : )

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