Blizzard Turns Out the Lights

All the news about Nemo this weekend reminded me of an ice storm I was in nearly a decade ago. In January 2005, news reports warned people that power might be out for several days and to stock up on water and food. With the lights out for several days, Central Indiana experienced a baby boom 9-months later… (so get ready east coast)!

Anyway, on the first day of the 2005 ice storm, I was in the grocery store buying bread and peanut butter. The grocery store had back generators, so their power was still on. I cannot remember what kind of bread I bought, but I do remember it was not in my top three choices because most of the bread shelf was already empty.

In front of me in the checkout line was a mother with her daughter (age 10 or 11). The mother had a grocery cart filled with food and seemed annoyed with driving on bad roads. She seemed really stressed out about having the power to her apartment knocked out.

The daughter pulled on the mother’s arm nervously.

Daughter: Mom-

Mother: Stop it!

Daughter: But mom-

Mother: Not right now.

The mother was trying to focus on all the food the cashier was ringing up, and she gently pushed her daughter back. After a long parade of food items going across the conveyor belt, the last food item had been scanned… the mother paid the cashier.

Daughter: But mom!

Mother: WHAT!? What is it!?

Daughter: (sheepishly) … well, how are we going to cook all this frozen food if the power is out…

The mother stopped, looked at her cart filled with frozen pizzas, dinners, and other electricity dependent food.  The mother stared at her grocery cart of food that she could not cook…

I don’t remember her saying anything. I know she was frustrated… but I think she was too angry to cuss.

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