Unfortunately a Dozen Roses Will Not be Good Enough this Valentine’s Day… Thanks for Nothing

This Valentine’s Day I was disappointed with giving the gift of a dozen beautiful red roses. I know this option would make many women happy. And for many men this gift is their get out of jail free card. But I knew what I wanted for my wife … and a dozen roses was NOT it.

I wanted a flower I have only gotten for her once before. It is her favorite flower. I knew I could not get it before I left for work because I could not trust the cats alone in the house with it. Where would we put it after we were both home to keep it from the cats? I’m not sure. But I had a plan for Valentine’s day. That plan was get my wife her favorite flower. So after work I went to pick up the perfect flower for my wife… and then planned on getting a big kiss for being an awesome husband.

Murphy’s Law decided to intercede on my Valentine’s Day awesomeness. The flower place I visited after work around 6 p.m. was busy but they still had plenty of roses and other flowers. It was Valentine’s Day after all. Running out of roses (or flowers of any kind) on Valentine’s Day is like McDonald’s running out of french fries. As I looked around at their large assortment of flowers I became somewhat disenchanted. While other guys were getting roses or other flowers… the flower I had come for was not to be found.

There was a woman behind the counter quickly putting together a bouquet of flowers which was very pretty. I already suspected the answer she would give but I asked her anyway.

ME: Hello… um, do you have any sunflowers?

FLOWER LADY: We sell them… but not at this time. Sorry.

ME: Okay… thanks…

My wife didn’t even know what I was getting her for Valentine’s Day. So it’s not like she would have been disappointed if I came home with roses. But I was so excited to surprise her with her favorite flower that the fact sunflowers were nowhere to be found was deflating for me. Instead I found a very nice card and gave that to her.

Unfortunately a Dozen Roses Will Not be Good Enough this Valentine's Day... Thanks for Nothing, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunflower

According to “Google the All Knowing,” sunflowers are in season May to October. At least I learned for next year that sunflowers are not an option for Valentine’s Day.

… yay learning…

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