Changing Locations to Finish My Thesis (a writing mini-retreat)

Happy Coffee

My goal is to finish (or darn near finish) my master’s paper: TODAY!

But I am taking a short break from writing my master’s thesis to blog because blogging relieves stress and unleashes some creative awesomeness. As part of today’s thesis writing marathon, I decided to change locations from where I normally write/study. I chose a coffee shop instead of my desk at home, and instead of my campus office.

According to a post by the Thesis Whisperer, there has been ample research to suggest that taking a thesis writing retreat will benefit the writing process. The change of location can be invigorating. So here I am at a coffee shop for a mini-retreat. However, for my dissertation… I might take a month somewhere. I have already floated the idea to my wife and she seems interested. For her the “no” factor is always money… which makes sense. But the “yes” factor for her is travel because travel is fun.

I am thinking Seattle, Portland, New York City or Chicago could all be great places for a month long retreat. Almost anywhere in Colorado could work.

Have you ever taken a retreat (or mini-retreat) to finish a major project? How did it work out for you?

5 thoughts on “Changing Locations to Finish My Thesis (a writing mini-retreat)

  1. For my dissertation, I took a kind of repeated daily retreat. For a week, each day I would walk to the University of Denver library, where I wasn’t a student, hookup to their network (they weren’t wireless yet) and work away, separate from the familiar folk at work, home, or grad school. It helped a LOT! It also helped that, for mine, I had to run computer simulations that took a day to run, so I could start it up at home, go have fun, and come back to check in on how I was doing on my dissertation.

  2. Getting away from the familiar folk was a key for my mini-retreat today. But the owner (or manager) of the coffee shop I went today wanted to be nice to me so that I might become a frequent customer, so the owner talked to me more than I wanted. But the owner is nice… and I am still getting a lot done today.

  3. I think a change of scenery to the coffee shop will be helpful for the paper you are writing. I’ve never written a dissertation. It certainly sounds exhausting, though, so the month retreat might be helpful, unless it’s just a procrastination technique. Good luck to you and I hope you finish your master’s paper today!

  4. Yes, I already did. My father told me that whenever you feel that you need to take a leap then take a leap. I took his advice and went to Miami. The beautiful coast is just so relaxing! The cold breeze makes me think clearly and made it easier for me to write my thesis.

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