Marathon Training Day 161: Best Running Times and Running for Charity Update

I'm training for the Dec. 1, 2013 Seattle Marathon
I’m training for the Dec. 1, 2013 Seattle Marathon

Well, it is day 161 of training for the 2013 Seattle Marathon. Today I had a bad run. I wanted to run either 8 or 12 miles. I was not committed to either distance, but I wanted to wait to see how I felt before deciding.

My body decided for me and I stopped running after 4 miles. I just did not feel good. When I went home I ate a large pot of spaghetti and then I felt better. I am not sure my running was cut short because of food. I did feel exhausted after only four miles.

Ha! How many people can say/write they only ran four miles? Anyway, I hope to redeem myself later this week with a good long run. It is a little uncomfortable to think about because in an actual race I won’t necessarily have the option to “opt out” after 4 miles. On marathon day I need to be on my “A game.”

In other marathon news, I will be running for charity. I will be meeting with the director of womenspace in the next couple weeks. She wants to meet me first before I get started. Actually, she already said yes…  but meeting is probably just a formality so she can say she met me, and be able to say that YES I am a real person raising money in case anyone asks her. The charity director is currently busy planning a fundraiser for February 25th which is why I could not meet sooner.

I am excited about it. I have also decided to use as my fundraising platform. Expect an official page and information in a couple weeks! It’s actually a lot more complicated than I expected. I naively thought I could just tell a charity I wanted to raise money for them and have something set up in a couple hours. Well, it’s not the 1950s anymore and there are a lot of scam possibilities.

And finally, as far as my training goes, my best times so far are:

12.21 miles = 2 hours, 7 minutes

4.07 miles = 36 minutes, 40 seconds

1 mile = 7 minutes, 55 seconds

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 161: Best Running Times and Running for Charity Update

  1. Impressive records!!! And what honesty! I don’t see a lot of amnesty reporting from runners or fitness bloggers. Kudos.
    My best 1.5 is 10 min 30 sec. I usually run it in 11 minutes 30 sec now. We run 2-5 miles every Thursday, but not calculated.

  2. Man! I’m adding you to my GoogleReader. I do way better at reading those than the wordpress reader. Good post! I didn’t run at all yesterday because I wanted an extra rest day! I definitely understand your quitting at mile 4. Today my tired set in around 4 miles and I SLOWED down.

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