Marathon Training Issue #8: I Lost 5 Pounds In One Day

I’m sure there are women who hate me. Possibly even some wrestlers or boxers. But yes, a few days ago I lost five pounds in one day. My wife watched me weigh in before and after the run because I was concerned about how much weight I was losing for each long run.

I am not happy about it and it has weirded me out a little for this whole marathon gig. I doubled the amount of fluids I drink while running, but I obviously am not drinking enough. According to a study discussed on webmd, the average weight loss for marathoners was 2.3-percent of their body weight. My weight loss was 2.9-percent of my body weight… but I only ran 12 miles. That is less than half a marathon!! This is an issue because I am not sure how to drink more on my long training runs.

I will try different clothing so that I sweat less… but other than that I feel like I hit a wall in my marathon training. Am I supposed to run with a giant jug of water in my hands? I was concerned about eating while running… but now drinking while running seems to be the issue.

9 thoughts on “Marathon Training Issue #8: I Lost 5 Pounds In One Day

  1. Hi, Do you have a camelback? There are several different types that make it easy to run with fluids and some you can even fit in a power bar or some small items.

    1. I had a large camelback for hiking a couple years ago. I did not even think about a small camelback for running. I guess i figured because of the increased bouncing activity I would break it. I will look into a camelback for running as an option. Thanks

  2. You might want to read up on hypernutremia too though (sorry about the spelling), that’s drinking too much and can be really dangerous, so don’t panic and go too far in the other direction. Good luck with it all.

  3. Maybe some well-timed pre-hydration (timed to avoid in-run urgency)?
    Do you feel dehydrated after the run? If not, be careful about over hydration and what I think is called hyponatremia where excess fluids wash out electrolytes.

    My “best” idea: run through every sprinkler.

    1. I am glad I posted this. You are the second person to mention hypernutremia related to overhydration… So I definitely have some homework to do (ontop of grad school)

  4. I ran a marathon fuelled entirely by jelly snakes and a few bottles of water and cups of water along the way – true story. Makes no nutritional or sporting sense but needing to pee too often, feeling sick with energy drinks and not being able to eat breakfast at were all factors in my caution to the wind approach, people worry too much about this stuff and most of the people that tried to give me advice had never run further than 10km. I lost about 2lb if you’re interested, felt perfectly fine, though a bit sore the next day and hobbled down to a big feed. It took me six hours, maybe being a tortoise is a factor in my ability to defy logic and not be in as much of a bad way as the hares 🙂

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