Marathon Training Day 179: I Only Lost 4 Pounds Yesterday

The Running Trail that I do most of my marathon training on
The Running Trail that I do most of my marathon training on. I took this on my phone. If you have a good computer screen you can see the faint rainbow just above the tree tops (it is near the top of the tall, leafless tree in the center of the photo).

Yesterday I ran 13.56 miles in 2 hours, 18 minutes, 58 seconds. When I finished yesterday I felt like I had a full body “ouchie.”  I hydrated better without drinking too much water/gatorade, wore different clothes, and lost only 4 pounds during the run. Overall I felt okay when the run was over. A week or two ago when I lost a little over five pounds during a 12 mile run I did not feel great.

I am only concerned about the weight loss if it makes me dizzy, as in dehydration.

Some strange things happened during my run yesterday.

  1. My lower back mildly cramped up… but I kept running and it went away.
  2. My right leg, just below the right knee, cramped up a little… I kept running. That is a little tender today, so I am stretching and rubbing my legs. This means I may only do some stationary biking tomorrow instead of my normal 1.5 mile run/weight lifting.
  3. My right forearm cramped up when I was running. I have NEVER experienced this before. It did not scare me but it did surprise me. My right forearm is a little tender today, but in general my entire body feels tight but no pain.

Other than that, it has been a positive week for running. My fundraising website officially went up Monday, and my body has not needed duct tape to hold it together.

7 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 179: I Only Lost 4 Pounds Yesterday

  1. Is cramping associated with electrolytes? If so, that’s a thing that can be affected by hydration … just a thought based on vague memories and not definitive knowledge (I left all real knowledge at work!)

    1. Well, everything on the internet is true. Anyway, the almighty Google informs me that cramps can be caused by dehydration and/or low electrolytes. So, even though I was drinking more water and more Gatorade, it was probably not enough.

      I’m getting better at figuring out this hydration issue though. When race day arrives I will not have these issues (hopefully)

      1. Either way, your timing and modest weight loss says something: you’re on the right track … or path … or whatever long distance runners call it. I’m impressed!

    1. I don’t carry them with me yet. I have started looking for camelbacks for running. I currently make quick stops to drink while running. Wednesday I drank a lot of gatorade and water in those quick stops, but I am not drinking enough.

      I have not tried gels yet, but it is on my list for things to try. I have no idea what gus is, so I will have to look that up. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. when i run distances, and i am not taking gu (and there are a couple of different incarnation of that — some by hammer or clif, even powerbar makes one… but it’s groooooosss!!) or replacing much in the way of electrolytes, i make sure i’m taking some kind of replacement for that… like endurolyte tabs or nuun tabs. nuun tabs dissolve in water easily, and endurolyte tabs are swallowed, like a pill during a run. during marathons, the endurolyte tabs are pretty necessary for me. especially if it’s a hot weather race. it keeps your muscles from cramping. also…. do you have a foam roller for post run? it’s pretty nice to roll out those muscles when they have been put through hell. 🙂 breaks up all the damage and helps repair your legs for the next run.

    just a couple ideas!

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