Creek in the Spring – A Photo Analysis of How Time Flies GIF

These photos are all of the same creek on my friend’s farm. The old tire is half submerged in the muddy bank of the creek.

The Same Creek last summer
This photo is from late last summer when the creek had a little mud but was mostly dry. Is it really a creek?
Creek in the Spring, not animated / GIF
This photo is from our weekend trip to visit our friend, taken on Saturday March 23rd, 2013.Wow!! It was hard to believe this is the same creek we saw last summer. We even heard the sound of the rushing water when we were still a few hundred feet away!

4 thoughts on “Creek in the Spring – A Photo Analysis of How Time Flies

  1. Nice reminder if how easy it easy to assume our current moment is permanent truth,”of course there’s a creek. There’s never not one.” vs “Creek? It’s gone for good.”

    I’m a victim of this thinking too often. No cure is required.

    1. I remember I watched a survival show, it was like Man vs. Wild but I cannot remember which one. In it, the host walked to a dry stream bed and started digging. He said a stream is rarely dry because there is still water flowing under the surface. So he dug down maybe a foot or two, and found water.

      I would have never thought of that… because before seeing that show, if I see a dry stream bed, my brain says “dry = no water.”

  2. Super cool to have the tire as a focal point. These pics look like something you’d see in one of the writing challenges (“use this picture and use these 5 words to write a 50 word story…”)

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