Pizza Hut to Test Market a 7 Calorie Pizza in Maine!

Hmmm… I am normally against genetic modification of food, but a 7 Calorie 14-inch pizza can’t be all bad. If a side effect caused me to grow a third arm at least I could finish my thesis faster 😀

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Pizza HutPizza Hut dropped the big one today in the War Against Our Waistlines.  The popular chain announced that it would be test marketing, in Maine only, a new pizza that contains only 7 calories!

That’s not 7 calories per bite, or 7 calories for slice, but 7 calories for an entire 14 inch, two topping pizza!  And the nuns raised this Modern Philosopher to believe that only saints could perform miracles!

For those of you who are not calorie counters, an average slice of pizza contains about 200-250 calories, making an entire pie (that’s right…New Yorkers call a pizza a pie!) about 2,000 calories.  That means either a lot of time on the treadmill to work it off, or going up another pants size every time you give in to one of your late night cravings.

group of students working at the laboratoryHow did they do it?  “I can’t really divulge our secrets,” purred Pizza Hut…

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3 thoughts on “Pizza Hut to Test Market a 7 Calorie Pizza in Maine!

  1. Pizza ist eines der besten und hat sich erste Nahrung. Besonders Hütte Pizza an mehr in der ganzen Welt beliebt, dass in diesem Pizza bei mehr colries, die uns helfen können easilly eneregy zu erhöhen, um den Körper.

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