Out Of Office (O3)

out of office image

Sorry I have not been around much. I am in the final stages of my uberimportant master’s paper. I trust you will all understand.

A brief update! I run my first half marathon in two weeks. Today I ran 13.56 miles in 2 hours 15 minutes without cramping up or walking. I have also been raising money for Womenspace. If you have a few bucks left over from your tax return, it would be a wonderful thing to give to Womenspace and support their domestic violence shelter services.

I expect to be gone until at least Thursday. Have a wonderful week!

4 thoughts on “Out Of Office (O3)

  1. so, have you done it?! found something that works for you? for drinking/eating/gel/gu something on the run?! you seem to have. if you have worked out all the kinks. awesome! looks like you’re ready for your first half. great work. can’t wait to hear how it goes. (and i totally sympathize on the paper writing end.)

    1. I believe I have done it. I had a weight issue, but that is under control now. When I began training I weight 163, I gained a lot of muscle quick… but I got up to 178 pounds… and now I am back down under 170. I think the weight gain, even though it added muscle and strength, really impacted my body. Now when I run 8 or more miles I normally lose 2.5 pounds, and that is acceptable. Plus, no more hours of cramping after I run 😀

      I drink gatorade and eat bananas, along with cliff bars and power bars. That seems to have done the trick

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