PHOTO: Sunset on the Oregon Coast

http://www.ishism.comThis was taken May 11th, 2013… on a day where I took a break from my master’s paper. Today, May 19th, I am finishing suggested revisions for the master’s paper … and it is due tomorrow. I hope you all understand why I have not been blogging consistently… considering flunking out of graduate school would not be cool. I hope to be blogging more and reading your blogs more in the near future. Have a wonderful day!

9 thoughts on “PHOTO: Sunset on the Oregon Coast

    1. Drum roll… with all the drama, I feel like I need a symphony orchestra to properly illustrate the grad school experience!! 😉

  1. good luck! my husband and i are both in grad school, and we are about to send our oldest to college in the fall. it’s a little hectic around here. soon there will be three of us up until 2am trying to figure out if the running head is supposed to be capitalized and if you have to include a doi AND the hyperlink in a reference. 🙂 oh, i’m so ready to be done.

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