Thesis Finished – Master of Science down, PhD to Go…

Last Thursday, at approximately 11:36 a.m. Pacific Time, I received the news that my master’s paper passed. Many of you know that it has been a long, hard road to get to this point. Many revisions of the paper, many sleepless nights. At one point I actually got stress hives.

But now I can relax this summer. You know, as relaxing as one can have while studying for a comprehensive exam (a nasty exam for PhD students). But I will not be teaching or researching over the summer, which means I can fish, study for the exam, and travel to the coast. How cool do I feel after finishing the masters? As cool as Ferris Bueller in Chicago: that’s how cool!!

10 thoughts on “Thesis Finished – Master of Science down, PhD to Go…

  1. Congratulations!

    The biggest challenge of comps (from my experience on both sides) is just managing the stress. It’s all about managing the fear-of-the-unknown and not beating yourself up when you discover you don’t know everything. Some schools give out sample questions from past exams which can, at least, give you a sense of the scope/detail required.

    Either way, you’re another step closer!

    1. Our department has copies of older exams, at least the questions. So I can look at them for ideas. I am doing a new exam… Critical Global Health, so everything will be brand new. 😀

    1. Thank you 🙂

      Today I turned in the last essay for all the classes I am taking. I still have grading to do, but at least I am done writing for a few months

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