Marathon Training Day 278: A Mild Running Injury

Yep, I injured my hamstring a little on Friday. One of my goals while training is to avoid a running injury. I am allergic to pain. Pain makes me irritable and occasionally makes my eyes water. Honestly, I have a high pain tolerance unless it is my back or my knees. The hamstring is not comfortable… but it is not as bad (to me) as a knee injury in terms of how I deal with the pain.

How did it happen? I was at approximately the 2 mile mark of my 8 mile run, and felt a sharp pain in my right hamstring. I did not stumble, trip, slip, dip, or make any other type of unusual stride. I felt the pain… I limped for a few jogging strides, and then stopped to stretch. After stretching for a couple minutes, I began a slow jog. For leg muscle injuries I either stop to rest the muscle, or I try to run through it hoping it will stretch it out. I’m not a physical trainer so make your own decisions about what to do with a running injury. I was unsure how to deal with this… so I tried jogging. It seemed to help… and throughout the day I have been stretching my legs.

I did not run 8 miles… I shortened it (wisely) to 4 miles because of the running injury. The 4 miles was mandatory whether I jogged it or walked it because I has halfway through my 4 mile running loop. Even if I had to limp 2 miles to my car, the two miles is what I had to do. Monday I will go to the gym and ride the bike to continue to rehab the leg. I do not think it is serious… and I should be back to 100 percent pretty quickly as long as I don’t push it.

How do you deal with muscle injuries? Personal trainer? Massage? A bottle of wine?

At any rate.. this running injury also means I don’t need to lift anything heavy for my wife for a while ;-D

7 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 278: A Mild Running Injury

  1. Follow the RICE principles and see how it goes. Have you got a foam roller? You could use that, or, another favorite of mine. Freeze a small bottle of water and use that as a roller on your hamstrings, you’ll get the benefits of the massage and the iceing. Good luck!

    1. I do not have a foam roller. It feels better today, but it was definitely tweaked on Friday. When I walk on a flat surface, it feels fine. When I walk up an incline (movie theater ramp) or steps, it feels a little uncomfortable.

  2. I didn’t “like it” because of your injury.. I liked for the sake of liking your posts. I DO hope that your hamstring feels better very soon. 🙂

  3. Wine? No, whine. Yeah, that’s what I do, too much. Now that Dana is on to me (which is entirely fair), I get to whine and joke about it. I do great with sickness, but injuries make me move around pathetically and re-discover a few bad traits.

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