In the Year 3215 A.D.: What is a Pac-Man??

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Imagine if you will… the year is 3215 A.D. After WWVI, the human population of the earth has rebounded and is now at a millennium high of 800 million people. Despite the pollution, people are living longer than they have in centuries… with some women living to be as old as 68 and men as old as 65. Computers are being built with storage of up to 1 GB, and the primary sources of transportation are bicycles, boats, and horses. Airplanes exist but powering them is an issue so they are rarely used.

All digital data from previous centuries was lost in the great war of 2800 (WWV). Books still exist, but finding them intact is difficult… and opening them without the pages disintegrating is a miracle. Food is plentiful, and jobs for money no longer exist because the concept of private property no longer exists. People work together for food, to educate their children, to care for health problems, and to make a better future.

As one of the planet’s most respected archaeologists, you are tasked with finding and cataloging things from earth’s past. You love doing this research… and today you make an amazing discovery. You instantly recognize the artifact is an ancient means of transportation…  a car… to be exact, it is a Mini Cooper. But what are the symbols on the side of this car? Is this religious artwork? Are these the symbols for a street gang… or is it for a mobile candy store?

As an archaeologist in the year 3215… how would you interpret this artwork without knowing it was one of THE biggest icons of the 1980s?

3 thoughts on “In the Year 3215 A.D.: What is a Pac-Man??

  1. That, of course, is a portable math lesson, demonstrating that more is better (as the pacsign points towards the greatest dots), but that too much is scary. A pacsign, of course, is an antique method to safely show relative value, with the rounded side guaranteeing no lesser-than pokes an eye out.

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