Happy Little Trees and The Joy of Painting

Wednesday night I opened a (belated) birthday present from my beautiful wife. It was not her fault it was over a month late. Hobby Lobby had shipped the wrong item, and then gave her the run-around trying to get the correct item. The box arrived last week… and my wife’s mom and pop were in town for nearly a week. After her parents left town I opened the present. This time, the present was what my wife had ordered… and something I have wanted for a long time: A French Painting Easel.

french painting easel, oil paint tools,
This French Painting Easel was a birthday gift from my beautiful wife 🙂

Now I can finally re-engage my dream of oil painting, heavily influenced by Bob Ross. I grew up watching his show… and I remember him saying “Happy Little Tree…” or “Happy Little Clouds” while he painted amazing landscapes in what seemed like only minutes.

Searching for Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting, http://www.ishism.comI have been telling myself for the last couple years that I was going to get back into oil painting. Well… now I have the books, and I have the easel. So this weekend I am going to the Material Exchange Commission for Community Arts (MECCA) to get some supplies. MECCA sells all kinds of used arts and crafts materials. Whatever I am unable to find there, I will purchase at a a different store new. Then next week, during one of my breaks from foster parenting and graduate school studies… I will begin oil painting.

Getting back into oil painting has been on my bucket list for a long time. Now I am a big step closer. I hope whatever dreams your bucket list holds, you are able to make them happen.

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