Marathon Training Day 388: My First Marathon is Getting Closer

On December 1st I run my first marathon. I have been training for over a year now. I currently have no knee, ankle, shin or muscle injuries. Last week I ran 18 miles without stopping to walk (although my time was surprisingly slow for me). By the end of October I hope to have run 26-ish miles at least once.

Today I am running 8 or 10 miles before I head to my graduate school for a few hours or work. Blogging has been difficult with me traveling (Washington DC), dealing with sick foster kids, running, studying, and not getting much sleep. However, my wife is happy… the foster kids are still alive, and I have not flunked out of grad school yet.

As many of you know, I have been raising money for Womenspace through my marathons. Thank you for everyone who has supported me thus far. And there is still time to give a few dollars to help by visiting my fundraising page.

Thank you and have a great day!

The Canby Dahlia Run 2013, Canby Oregon
I finished the Canby Dahlia Run … 1 hour, 58 minutes, 41 seconds

Next stop… December 1st, 2013… the Seattle Marathon.

5 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 388: My First Marathon is Getting Closer

  1. Do you have to complete the full distance at least once? I’d heard (I’m no expert) that completing a significant proportion of the full distance is enough, provided you’re not near death at the end. Then, on race day, you just do what you did before, but for a little longer.

    I also read somewhere about how expectations can play into that where a fit cyclist would get drained at the end of a planned 100 mile ride, but halfway into a planned 200 mile ride, he’d be just fine. He just got wiped out at the end of whatever distance he was going.

    1. Good question. I have heard that you don’t need to complete the distance, just be close to it. But I think for my mental strength I should finish that distance once before the marathon. If I run future marathons, IF, then I may be comfortable with getting close to the distance.


      1. not that you asked me… buuuuuut… 🙂 my first marathon, i just wanted to KNOW i could do it, and i ran 26.2 the month before i ran the marathon. then i was cool. i knew i could do it. for all the marathons i run now i don’t run over 20 miles in training. my husband never runs over 16. every one is different with what they are comfortable with. he runs a lot more miles over more days, so his distance day is shorter. i run more miles on fewer days… so i just run a longer distance day. if that makes any sense. you’ll nail this either way. adrenaline will take you a long way. that and rest and carbs. 🙂 hang in there with the sick babes. (and grad school! holy yuck. i feel you there.) xx

      2. When it comes to preparing for the first marathon, Great minds think alike 🙂

        And yes, grad school = Holy Yuck … aka, why did I think this was a good idea … aka, I miss my life :-0

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