The Seattle Marathon

View from our Seattle hotel room balcony

Greetings. I finished the Seattle marathon today. It was my first marathon. Plus, running a marathon was a bucket list item.

My legs hurt!!! At miles 9, 11, and 16 one of my legs cramped up but the cramps worked themselves out as I ran. At 16.5 miles both legs cramped up, which forced me to finish the marathon by walking, stretching, and slow jogging. At mile 21 I was thinking about the massage I pre-paid for. FYI, a massage after a marathon is a brilliant idea!

I finished the marathon in 4 hours, 46 minutes, 9 seconds. There were a lot of hills, and some strong wind, but no rain or snow. Now I am sipping chardonnay and laying in bed. Both legs hurt… but I finished the marathon.

13 thoughts on “The Seattle Marathon

  1. That is just plain awesome! Congratulations! I think that if I were running (quick laugh break), I’d give up if I had such cramps before 17 miles. I could walk/limp, I know, but, at that point I’d be debating the wisdom of self-torture. You, however, are made of stronger stuff … or maybe more well prepared stuff.

    A pre-paid massage sounds like a spectacular, and realistic, way to finish off a marathon.

    1. Well… I actually first encountered amazingly painful leg cramps while hiking Quandary Peak in Colorado. I was 2/3rds of the way to the top and developed massive leg cramps. One of my friends helped me to the top… but I finished that 14er. That experience helped me, mentally, to finish this marathon. But let me tell you… quitting this marathon was definitely an option on the table considering both legs were cramping at the same time.

      The pre-paid massage helped me finish.

      **Interesting side note: My wife bought a bottle of wine called Washington Hills Chardonnay. She bought it because it was fairly cheap (grad school budget)… but it was oddly fitting considering the number of hills I had to run.

    1. Thank you! Yes… if I did not know a massage was waiting for me, I’m not sure I could have finished this marathon with both legs cramping up. The massage was like a mental “carrot” to get me to the finish line.

  2. awesome job!!! i logged into today JUST to see how it went, and i’m sooooo stoked to see you did it. the leg cramp/wall business is ridiculousness, and it sucks like nothing else. you are so right that it becomes this mental game of “i should just stop now” and “i will not stop” over and over in your head until you see the finish line and hobble over it. soooo… is there going to be another marathon? ever? how about a half? 🙂

    1. Thank you! I definitely will run more half marathons. Full marathon, hmmm… maybe flat ones. Eugene has a fairly flat marathon in July, so I may run that one 😉

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