Cute Things Our Kid Says Wrong

So, our three-year-old foster kid mispronounces words in the most ridiculously cute way possible:

Bank = Bink

Caillou (a kids show) = CaiMee … or … CarMee

Octopus = Ossaposs

Hippopotamus = Hickopossamus

Sprinkler = Splinker

Craig = Keg

Hokey Pokey = Pokey Pokey

Back Pack = Pack pack

Itsy Bitsy Spider = Itsy Pitsy Cider

Giraffe = Grif

Random, she sees an ant and calls it a spider. She’s “scared” of spiders! But when she sees a real spider, she calls it a bug, and she’s not afraid of bugs.

What words have you heard kids mispronounce?

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