Have you deleted your Facebook account yet?

I am not addicted to Facebook. I am also not addicted to my phone. Sometimes I intentionally leave my smartphone at home so I can go somewhere without the temptation to check the phone, instant messages, the world wide web, or email. Some people search for places in the world they can travel and not get a cell phone signal. Well… I just go places without my smartphone and it has the same effect.

Facebook.com social media on the internet

However, when I do have my smartphone with me, I noticed an irritating habit. I would check Facebook a lot. I have several friends, and keeping up on their fun, or problems, made me feel connected to them. I think this became more important to me when I moved to Oregon because I left several great friends in Colorado.

But after a while I began to feel a little irritated. Because I realized I was losing

a lot of time that I could be doing something else with. I can go running; hiking; painting; reading a fiction novel; blogging; doing research; writing a fiction novel; and a list of other things that I enjoy more than Facebook. How do I end this habit? Well… I deleted Facebook (and Facebook Messenger) from my smartphone to start. That in itself seems to have added several minutes of free time to my day.

If I have trouble sleeping, I will not get lost in the endless maze of Facebook posts that I find on my smartphone. If I go on a hike, and I have to take my phone with me because of an expected important call (my wife, foster care, etc)… then I do not have the ability to click on the Facebook app and suddenly lose 12 minutes of my day reading about the mundane details of someone’s life.


  • New shoes!? And you posted five pictures of them! Awesome… there’s 20 seconds of my life I will never have back.
  • You burned macaroni and cheese? How ridiculous. And you have pictures of it!! Awesome… another 30 seconds of my life lost.
  • Your baby opened his eyes! Ahh… so cute. It looks like the other 10 pictures you posted of your baby opening his eyes yesterday… but… drat! Another two minutes lost of my life.
  • You went fishing and you caught nothing. Oh… I was the one who posted those pictures. And you should be grateful because it was very pretty and my blurry photos of the beautiful outdoors will make your life better. Trust me… it took twenty minutes for me to upload them. Wait… twenty minutes? Oh… writing the captions. *sigh* But most of the captions were witty!
  • Cats! Don’t get me started about cats. Cats… the scourge of the internet…

I love my friends. And they do share things much more exciting than new shoes and burned macaroni. But I don’t need to be instantly updated on their lives throughout MY day. So I deleted Facebook from my smartphone… and I do not check it through Google or other apps on my phone. Some days, I do not check Facebook for the first time until noon or 1 p.m. … it just depends whenever I get to my laptop.

I feel better with the free time. A few of my friends have completed the full deletion of their Facebook accounts for the same reason I deleted my smartphone Facebook app. They wanted more time in their days. I have not fully deleted my Facebook account… but I think about it from time to time.

My friends who deleted their Facebook account, and do not use other forms of social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc), are still able to stay in contact with friends and live normal lives.

So what about you? Have you deleted your Facebook account? Do you feel like you have more free time?

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