Twitter Quitter

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Twitter logo,

I am not quitting Twitter. However, I did trim a lot of people from the list of who I follow. This may get even smaller in the coming weeks.

The reason for this is because of the constant stream of erotic images (and gory images) that were popping up in my Twitter feed. I was following various groups that promoted independent authors. Some of those independent authors write erotica, and/or violent stories.

No problem. I believe in freedom of speech and artistic expression. I even like zombie flicks from time to time. But in my goal of supporting independent author networks, I was inadvertently allowing graphic images to stream through my Twitter feed. In addition, some people were using online services to automatically re-tweet the tweets of other users. These auto-re-tweet services caused some authors who did not write erotica to ALSO broadcast erotic images onto my news feed.

So… I deleted a lot of people from the Twitter users I follow. I support indie authors. I support freedom of speech. But I do not want to see erotic images (or gory images) in my Twitter news feed. If, while I used RoundTeam, I inadvertently broadcast a graphic image onto YOUR Twitter feed that bothered you… I apologize.

Best wishes for the New Year.



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