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Old People Annoy me When I’m Hiking

Sunrise while Hiking Pike's Peak,
Sunrise while Hiking Pike’s Peak,

I love hiking. I don’t necessarily enjoy hiking mountains, but I like hiking around mountains. Several of my friends enjoy hiking 14ers in Colorado, and they have certain time goals to get to the top.

I have no interest in “racing” to the top. I am happy to hike for 4 to 6 hours and not even make it to the top of the mountain. I like the peace and the solitude of hiking, not the “goal” of notching another 14er off my list. Hiking around mountains gives me quiet time to pray, think, write, and relax. And occasionally hiking gives me photos to share.

This photo was taken on my way to the top of Pike’s Peak. I have not hiked a lot of 14ers, but Pike’s Peak is probably the most difficult I’ve done. When I did Quandary Peak it was covered in ice and snow, so that made the last mile really difficult.

Admittedly I do not take pride in hiking up a 14er as fast as I can. However, whenever an older man or woman in their 50s or 60s jogged past me… Continue reading Old People Annoy me When I’m Hiking