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Some Athletes say skip Gatorade, Drink Water Instead

With the Olympics almost here, I found a very timely story about sports nutrition. Gatorade, Powerade, and other nutrition companies will have their commercials on 24 hours a day during the London Olympics. That is what made the story in NPR even more interesting, because it discusses why some athletes reject high tech sports fuel.

I am more interested in this than I normally would be, because I want to compete in my first Marathon next year (2013). I am targeting the Portland Marathon in October, or the Seattle Marathon in November. I have run long distances before but never a marathon.

I have trained for marathons a few different times. But I think I over-trained… which led to injuries and being unable to compete. I have found a couple training schedules online but I am still researching the topic of marathon training. I want to make sure I do it right this time… because training for a marathon without actually running in the marathon is a waste of time!

My best accomplishment in terms of athletics is that I have hiked Pike’s Peak 3 times, and a few other 14ers in Colorado. I have even hiked the infamous incline several times! My fastest time on the incline is 44 minutes, which is not too bad.

But I have never run a marathon. At least not yet!

So as I do my marathon planning… I was surprised to find Gatorade and other sports nutrition stuff called “goop.” At one point in the NPR story, it states: David Katz, physician and nutrition expert at the Yale University School of Medicine, says sports drinks generally aren’t much better than sodas.

This definitely will make me do more research about what I eat and drink as I train for this marathon. What do you eat/drink when you workout? What do you find that works or doesn’t work? And if you have tips for marathon training I would love to hear them!