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Have you deleted your Facebook account yet?

I am not addicted to Facebook. I am also not addicted to my phone. Sometimes I intentionally leave my smartphone at home so I can go somewhere without the temptation to check the phone, instant messages, the world wide web, or email. Some people search for places in the world they can travel and not get a cell phone signal. Well… I just go places without my smartphone and it has the same effect. social media on the internet

However, when I do have my smartphone with me, I noticed an irritating habit. I would check Facebook a lot. I have several friends, and keeping up on their fun, or problems, made me feel connected to them. I think this became more important to me when I moved to Oregon because I left several great friends in Colorado.

But after a while I began to feel a little irritated. Because I realized I was losing Continue reading Have you deleted your Facebook account yet?

Life Is Best Spent …

Calvin & Hobbes - calvin-and-hobbes Wallpaper
Life is best spent with … “Calvin and Hobbes”

I am still working on the master’s paper despite many late night hours this week. Friday I was up past 5:30 a.m. but it is still not done.

Some things are more important. The terrible events this past week in Boston, China and Texas are enough proof that life is unpredictable. My ETA for delivering my master’s paper to my thesis review committee is Thursday, April 25th. Even with that deadline pressure… spending time with my wife was more important. With that said… I stopped working on the master’s paper Friday at 6 p.m. … and I did not work on it at all on Saturday just so I could spend time with my wife.

I hope you are also able to put into perspective the things that are truly important!

Sometimes I Think The Surest Sign That Intelligent Life Exists Elsewhere In The Universe Is That None Of It Has Tried To Contact Us

Photo: Start your day off with a laugh courtesy of Calvin & Hobbes :)
“The Story of Stuff Project” Start your day off with a laugh courtesy of Calvin & Hobbes 🙂

I miss Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes is my all-time favorite comic strip, and I’m not even sure if anything else can be considered a second place. In this one, Calvin is having one of his deeper moments by reflecting on the tree which has been cut down and the litter surrounding the tree.

What is Your Cat’s “Real” Name?

What's Your Cat's Real Name?
Thumb Cat

What is your cat’s real name? Do you know? No, you probably don’t know. Although this post features my cats it is not solely about cats’ names. It is about animals. All animals.

My wife and I have three cats.

  • Two of our cats get along fairly well: Mawey and Beannacht.
  • Two of our cats get along okay-ish: Beannacht and Thumb Cat.
  • Two of our cats do not get along: Thumb Cat and Mawey.

I notice their distinct personalities and quirky interactions on a daily basis. I have tried a few different things to get Thumb Cat and Mawey to get along better. And then one day my wife and I saw a show called “My Cat From Hell,” which features a cat whisperer. I realize this man is on a reality show where nothing is “really” real. But there are enough aspects of reality to this show that made me realize how much fear, anger, and personality cats can have. This cat whisperer’s gig is that he goes to a home with a “cat from hell” and within a few weeks of therapy/training with the cat, he can turn the hell cat into a cool kitten.

So this show has made me want to redouble my efforts with Thumb Cat and Mawey. Thumb Cat is nearly four pounds bigger than Mawey, but Mawey pounces on nearly everything. In addition, Thumb Cat runs from cats half his size when they come to the window. So one cat is too rough, and the other cat is a scaredy cat. Well, if cats are so distinctive in personality, what are their real names?

What's Your Cat's Real Name?

When you notice a cat in profound meditation
The reason, I tell you, is always the same:
His mind is engaged in a rapt contemplation
Of the thought
Of the thought
Of the thought
Of his name

His ineffable effable effanineffable
Deep and inscrutable singular name – Cats, Naming of Cats Lyrics

I began thinking about this because of a story that again made news recently about dolphins calling each other by name. Dolphins are very intelligent. It is easy for many people to think about dolphins as a living creature that deserves respect. For many people it is equally easy to think of cats as complex creatures. And wolves. Wolves Bottlenose dolphins swim at a research center in Key Largo, Florida.are animals that have hierarchy within the pack, notably having an alpha and omega wolf. This implies intense interpersonal interactions and respect within the wolf pack.

Do wolves call each other by name? Do cats and dogs call each other by name? It is easy to treat an “animal” as something less than human because animals are a lesser species. Dumb animals. Except that cats have very distinct personalities. And wolves have very distinct hierarchies in their packs. And dolphins call each other by name.

What's Your Cat's Real Name?

Do you see where this is going? How many “lesser species” are so advanced that they might be calling each other by name? It would not surprise me to discover that cats call each other by name. It would not surprise me to discover that my Thumb Cat has some unflattering nicknames for my Mawey.

I just think people would treat their pets and other animals with a different level of respect if they considered, for a moment, that those animals may have individual names… even if we don’t know those names.

One of my friends said her cows “moo” loudly at night for a week or two after the baby calves are taken away. She said it’s because the momma cows are calling for their babies. Well… did the momma cows’ babies have names?

Treasures in the Attic… A Treasure Hunter’s Dream

Still of Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981,
“Raiders of the Lost Ark” © 1981 – Lucasfilm, Ltd.

When I was a kid I remember there were places I was told not to go either by a neighbor, a babysitter, or my mom. These wonderfully off-limit places included behind the barn, the upper loft in the barn, the attic, and the basement.

The attic. I think the attic in the farm house I grew up in was always a little scary and mysterious. There was a long, creaking stairway leading up into a dark void. Continue reading Treasures in the Attic… A Treasure Hunter’s Dream